What is the correct way to eat food? | Complete guidance on how to eat

Friends, today I will tell you through this blog, what is the correct way to eat food?

Just as petrol is needed to run a car, food is also needed to run a human life.

 When we talk about food and it has to do with health, then it becomes very important for us to know the correct way to eat food. Since a healthy mind resides in a healthy body, and good thoughts come only to a healthy mind, that is why it is said: “The mind will become as it is in others.”

 Food not only satisfies hunger, but also affects our mind, heart, money, and spirit. Eating immorally earned money causes anxiety and fear in the mind and the body suffers from illness.

 On the other hand, fried, spicy, old, and heavy foods provoke vindictive tendencies, and disorders such as lust, anger, and stress are born in the brain. Therefore, food should be simple and sattvic, no more or less should be consumed than that. necessary, otherwise the body may suffer from diseases.

Food not only provides energy to the body, but at the same time also forms the seven metals of the body, such as meat, marrow, bones, blood, semen, fat, and urine.

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 Therefore, it is necessary that you know the correct way to eat food. Thus, in addition, we will know when to eat, when is the right time to eat and how to eat, what food to eat, what to do after eating what things to avoid after eating, and what the consequences are. food contraindications.


When to eat food?

It is very important for us to know when to eat food. When we are hungry we eat food, but this is not good from a health point of view, so what is the correct way to eat food? And it becomes very important to know the right time.

Our body is precious, that is why it is our greatest duty to protect our health and this is the first duty, that is why we should always eat food at a fixed time so that our physical functions can be completed on time and without problems.

 During Brahma Muhurta one should always wake up early in the morning and the first thing one should do is drink two or three glasses of warm water and only then should one have breakfast after retiring from the daily routine.

Breakfast should be complete and not a snack or tea. Breakfast should be eaten between two and a half and three hours after sunrise. Food should be taken between 9:00 and 10:00 due to the heat of the sun’s rays. As we grow, our body’s digestive fire also intensifies; everything eaten at that time is completely digested.

Nowadays people have breakfast first thing in the morning, also tea, snacks, bread, toast, etc., which is very bad from a health point of view, that’s why nowadays people suffer from many diseases.

Morning breakfast can be the reason for your illnesses. Therefore, try a large meal in the morning, a little less in the afternoon, and a very light and easily digestible meal in the evening.

Lunch should be eaten between 2:00 p.m. and 3:00 a.m. and dinner between 7:00 a.m. and 8:00 a.m., which should be light and easily digestible. You should avoid eating late at night and sleeping after 2 to 3 hours.

Often people do exactly the opposite; They eat a light breakfast in the morning, a full meal in the afternoon, and a large dinner in the evening and say they have to sleep at night.

This is where diseases start because during the day when we need more energy, we eat less food and at night when we need less energy we eat more food. From here our biological cycle begins to regress and we suffer various types of diseases such as obesity, sugar, constipation, blood pressure, indigestion, gas, and various joint problems.

 What really happens in our body when we eat a heavy dinner too late at night, is our body and all our organs rest at night such as hands, legs, brain, etc. except our stomach. Because our intestines are full of food, they are also full. not resting and having to work all night.

 As a result of the digestion of food, the digestion process is slow and the food remains in the intestines for a long time, that is why in the morning when we go to the bathroom when we go, our stomach is not completely clean and I eat As a result, constipation occurs

Well, every part of our body that does not rest from time to time gets sick one day or another. Therefore, you may have noticed that when we get sick, the first thing that happens is that our appetite diminishes or decreases. She goes.

 Friends, by now you must have understood why we should have less or no dinner and avoid late night eating.

How to eat food?

 Friends, now it’s about how to eat, how to eat means the right way to eat. Friends, if we know how to eat, we can avoid many diseases.

1. Eat while sitting on the floor.

 Food should always be eaten sitting on the floor or on a mat, facing east, or you can spread a mat on the floor and sit cross-legged.

2. Touch the food –

 Next, keep in mind that when eating food, the food should be eaten with the hands and not with a spoon. When we touch the food, our hand feels the touch of the food and tastes it. Our eyes, our lips, and our tongue all feel the taste of food and our nose also feels the smell of food, so our digestive enzymes and saliva are prepared in advance to digest it, which has a beneficial effect on our health. When it matters.

3. Eat with gratitude-

 When a plate of food appears in front of us, we should not eat it immediately, but after looking respectfully at the food for a while, we should join hands and thank all those people thanks to whom the food reached our plate. the farmer who produced others, the chef who cooked the food, and the Supreme Father God who created the universe.

By doing this, many positive effects can be physically observed, such as learning to respect food and not waste or exploit it.

 Eating food with gratitude is very beneficial at the mental level, before food becomes an integral part of the body, by expressing gratitude or gratitude, the body accepts it easily, in such a situation food works like medicine for us.

4. Eat your food well and chew it well.

 In the right way of eating, keep in mind that when you eat food, you chew it well and stir it at least 32 times. If you do this, the saliva in your mouth mixes well with the food and eases digestion. The process starts from the mouth itself, this way you can help with digestion.

5. Don’t drink too much water while eating.

 In the topic ‘Right way to eat’, keep in mind that when you eat, you should drink water 40 minutes before and 40 minutes after eating. If necessary, drink a sip or two of water in between. Drink it, it sounds a bit surprising, but it is practically possible. If you follow this rule, you can avoid hundreds of diseases.

              “This is also the biggest secret to staying healthy.”

6. Don’t do two things at once while eating.

 It is often seen that in this busy life, people also do other things besides eating, such as watching TV, looking at mobile phones, talking on mobile phones, reading newspapers, etc., this is a very wrong habit and has a very bad effect negatively for the health. . When we do other work in addition to food, our digestive enzymes are released less. These are controlled by our mind and the center of the mind is in the pineal gland. If you take this into account when eating correctly, many diseases can be avoided.


What food to eat

 Next, eating right requires you to be especially careful about what foods to eat. You shouldn’t just put anything in your stomach.

Nowadays people don’t even think about whether this food is good for our health or not before eating it, they put everything in their stomach or mouth like fast food, cold drinks, hamburgers, pizza, chow mein, dosa, chaat, samosa, etc ..

 These all fill our stomachs but lack enough essential nutrients and the chemical elements, flour, and oil added in their preparation are very harmful to our health.

1. Satisfaction of the mind is more important than the satisfaction of the stomach.

This is absolutely true because our minds are controlled by special hormones released from the pineal gland. If we do not satisfy ourselves with food, we can fall victim to many types of mental illness, such as depression and schizophrenia.

 And due to a lack of satisfaction with food, our body does not accept that food, as a result, this food is often expelled from the body in the form of vomiting or does not do a good job in the body.

Therefore, pay special attention to the correct way of eating. When it comes to eating, it’s okay to be interested in food, but sometimes we see the paradox that what we like is not beneficial for our health.

 The solution to this problem is to keep your interest updated with knowledge from time to time. This will make our mind realize what is best for us from the point of view of our health.

 If our mind is updated, before eating it will definitely think whether this food contains enough nutrients like proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals for us and whether this food is beneficial for our health or not.

 Friends, I hope you like the article on the right way to eat, read the full article.

2. Eat foods seasonally.

When it comes to eating correctly, we must take special care to eat according to the season, because our climate, the seasons and the weather have a deep relationship with our health and we are influenced by them. Therefore, special attention should be paid to this.

 We must incorporate fruits, vegetables, legumes and cereals produced in our environment into our dishes, it is good and beneficial for our health.

What to do after eating food?

When eating food correctly, also take into account what we should do after eating food.

• After eating you should not rest immediately, but walk between 300 and 500 meters.

• Rest 20 minutes after lunch.

• And when lying down one should lie on the left side for a while, this helps in digestion.

• Sitting in Vajrasana for 5 minutes after meals improves digestion.

• After eating, eat again after at least 6 hours.


Avoid two opposite foods at lunch.

 The correct way to eat food, therefore, I think it is necessary to say that you should avoid consuming foods of two contradictory natures together, otherwise it can have very serious consequences for your health, which are as follows:

• Curd, jackfruit, salt, sour fruits, radishes fish, etc., should not be consumed with milk.

• Do not use milk, cheese, cucumber, or other hot dishes with cottage cheese.

• Never use ghee and honey in equal quantities.

• Honey should not be consumed after being heated or mixed with hot things.

• Don’t eat milk with onion.

• Do not eat black urad dal and curd together.

• Curd – Do not eat it with salt.

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What to avoid after meals

The right way to eat food requires you to pay special attention to things to avoid after eating.

• Never drink tea after meals.

• Avoid strenuous exercise after meals.

• After meals, you should avoid dancing, running, horseback riding, lifting heavy loads, and sitting in the same position for long periods of time.

• Do not drink water immediately after meals, especially avoid drinking cold water, only drink water after 40 minutes.

• Avoid eating again and again after eating once. Don’t eat again until you are very hungry.

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What have you learned in this article about the correct way to eat food, when to eat food, eat food at the right time, how to eat food, what food to eat? Satisfaction of the mind is more important than satisfaction of the stomach and eating. depending on the season and in Avoid Two Opposing Diets, all of these topics are covered in detail.

 I hope you enjoyed and gained value from this article on how to eat food well. If you have any problem related to this article or your health, you can ask in the comment box.

                                                 Thank you for reading the article until the end.

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