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Virat Kohli is an Indian cricketer who was also the former captain of India.  Virat Kohli has left a different mark in the cricket world.  Virat has proved iron to many legendary bowlers of the cricket world. Kohli was born on November 5, 1988, in Delhi. The family he was born into is a Punjabi family, his father’s name is Prem Kohli, a criminal lawyer. Kohli’s mother’s name is Saroj Kohli, and she is a very simple and humble housewife.

He has an older brother and a sister in his family. And recently it has also been linked to a marriage bond. Apart from that, there are three children in his house, the son of an older brother and his older sister’s two children, a son and a daughter. Kohli’s father had played cricket with him since childhood when he was only three years old when he found the bat in most of his toys. Over the years, this choice became a hobby, and his father understood.

And for this wish of his son, he always took him for daily practice. His father did not live in this world in the year two thousand six, but even today he remembers very well what Virat’s father learned.

NameVirat Kohli
Age34 Year, 317 Day
TeamsIndia, Delhi, India Red, India U19, R C B.
Batting StyleRight Handed Bat
Bowling StyleRight Arm Medium
Date of Birth5 November 1988

Family information


Kohli’s family information is given in brief in the table below:

Father’s NamePrem Kohli  
Mother’s Name  Saroj Kohli  
Sister-in-Law  Chetna Kohli  
Nephew (Nephew)  Arya Kohli  
Sister One Sister  Bhavna Kohli  
Brother-in-Law  Sanjay Dhingra  
Nephew  Ayush Dhingra
Niece  Mehak Dhingra
Merit Status  Merit
Wife  Anushka Sharma Kohli
Brother NameVikas Kohli
Daughter Vamika Kohli Birth Dayon 11 January 2021

Education of Virat Kohli

Virat had his early education at Vishal Bharti Public School, Delhi. His particular interest was in cricket and his father enrolled him in a cricket club at the age of eighty-nine so that he could learn cricket properly. In the school where his primary education took place, attention was paid only to instruction, and no sports training was provided.

Then his father thought about changing schools and had him admitted to a school where both education and sports are central. From class IX, he was admitted to Savior Convent Senior Secondary School, Paschim Vihar, Delhi.

Due to his interest in sports, he was only educated to the 12th standard and worked hard at cricket. He learned cricket from Raj Kumar Sharma at Delhi Cricket Academy and played his first match in an academy called Sumit Dogra.

The full career of Virat Kohli

Batting Statistics


Bowling Statistics


 The early career of Virat Kohli

  Virat has proven to be a very big player in the world of cricket. He’s a mid-range batsman, so he can bet comfortably, and at the same time, he’s also a bowler with the right arms. In year two thousand and two, he played under fifty. After this, he was selected in the Under Seventeen in year two thousand and four, because of the change in the way of his game from day to day, he played for the first-class debate in the year two thousand and six and in 2008, Virat was selected for the Under 19.

Their first Under 19 World Cup match took place in Malaysia and India won this match. From here Kohli’s career took a different turn. After seeing Virat’s performance, he was selected for One Day International. He played this match against Sri Lanka at the age of only nineteen.

After seeing his performance, he was selected for One Day International. He played this match against Sri Lanka at the age of only nineteen. It was a matter of great pride for him that he was quickly selected match after match and had the chance to play in the World Cup in 2011 and India won there too. With this, he started playing Test matches in the year 2011 and gave his best performance in Test matches.

In the year 2012, Kohli proved himself by scoring a century in ODIs. After this, he was also successful in playing Twenty-Twenty matches, winning the Man of the Match title twice in the year two thousand fourteen and sixteen. With this, he won India’s victory by playing the same game continuously from the year fourteen to seventeen, after such a good performance he was counted among the best batsmen.

One Day International (ODI) career of Virat Kohli –

The information related to Virat Kohli ODI matches is as follows-

 • After making a place in the Test match in the year 2011, Kohli started betting on the sixth place in the ODI and lost two consecutive matches but in the subsequent match, he scored  116 runs. India lost the match but became the only Indian cricketer to score a century.

• Then in the Commonwealth Bank tri-series against Australia and Sri Lanka, they won two out of seven matches, one match was tied and India lost four matches. But here it was a target of 321 runs to qualify for the final, another match that was to be rewarded by playing against Sri Lanka, of which he scored 133 to register India’s victory and Kohli won the man of the match title. Won. The funny thing in this match was that a player like Lathis Malinga scored 24 runs in 1 over but his team could not win.

• Seeing Virat’s good performance, Kohli was selected as the Vice-Captain for the Asia Cup in the year 2012 and it was said that if he continues to play like this, Kohli will remain the captain of the Indian team in the future and he will live up to this point.

 • Playing against Pakistan in the 11 ODI, Virat scored 183 runs in 158 balls, in which India’s record of 330 runs was recorded by hitting 22 fours and 1 six.  This was the biggest record in the history of the Asia Cup, and Kohli once again got the man of the match title in this match.

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     IPL career of Virat Kohli

• Virat started playing IPL in the year 2008.  Then he was bought for the team of Royal Challengers, Bangalore (RCB) for 20 lakh rupees.  He had then scored one hundred and sixty-five runs in 13 matches and had an average of only fifteen.

 • In the year 2009, Kohli took his team to the final, then Anil Kumble appreciated his game. Even after reaching here, his name was not permanent on the Indian team.

 • Even in the year two thousand ten-eleven, he worked very hard but it failed, his identity was not yet made.

 • In the year 2012, Virat felt that if he wants to prove himself the best, then something has to be done, this was the turning point of his career, and since then his game has changed further.  Finally, in 2013, Kohli did it and played in 16 matches with an average of 635 runs and 45 average.

Virat Kohli
Virat Kohli

 • Kohli’s performance in IPL in the year 2014 was disappointing, he only played on an average of 77.  Here MS Dhoni took retirement from Test captaincy, then Virat was given the captaincy of Test in place of Dhoni, here it changed completely.  He became strong like the captain of other teams and handled the Indian team in that way, in the year 2015, Kohli managed to break the record of 5oo runs.

 By the year 2016, it had become a seasoned player.  He played very good matches for India in the Asia Cup and 20-20 and for RCB in the IPL, won the title of victory in 4 innings. he could not play some matches.  After that recently in the year, 2o18 bought them in IPL for 18 crores in open betting 48

A career in T20 International of Virat Kohli –

 Recently, Virat Kohli scored the first international T20 century in the Asia Cup 2022 by scoring 122 runs after 1021 days and after 83 innings. Kohli broke records one after the other in T20, but in some matches he also faced adversity. India could not win the match even after scoring 89 runs in the semi-final against West Indies. But made a place in T20 International and T20 World Cup and performed well.

Virat Kohli scored the first century of 2023

One of the great batsmen of the Indian team is Virat Kohli, who has created history today by scoring his 45th century in ODI cricket. Virat scored this century in just 80 balls. 12471 runs have been scored in 257 matches and these runs were scored at a run rate of 57.47. Today Virat played a stormy inning of 113 runs in just 87 balls. With this century, Virat Kohli scored 9 centuries against Sri Lanka. This inning was really a stormy inning in which he hit 1 six or 12 fours. Due to this stormy inning of Virat, India scored a big score of 373 runs.

List of awards received by Virat Kohli

Virat has achieved immense success by performing at his best at a young age. Kohli has made himself and his family proud by making many records in his matches. Due to this sport, he has been honored with many awards, some of which are as follows.

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 1. Virat wins the People’s Choice Award for Favorite Cricketer of 2012

 2. 2012 ICC ODI Player of the Year Award to Kohli

3. 2013 Arjuna Award for Cricket

4. 2017 CNN-News18 Indian of the Year

 5. 2017 Padma Shri Award

 6. 2018 Sir Garfield Sobers Trophy

Virat Kohli-with-Awards-by-Pranav-Mukharji–

Virat Kohli Business and Marriage –

 Before marriage, many girls came into his life and his name was added to it, which,

 • – For the first time, the name VIRAT KOHLI was associated with Sarah Jaane. She had been Miss India and worked as an actress in Bollywood. The love between Kohli and Sara was going on for a long time. He also went to watch Virat’s matches during the 2011 World Cup. But then their relationship could not work.

 • Tamannaah Bhatia – This is an actress, both had worked together in a commercial, Then their friendship became very deep and the news of their dating also surfaced, but this relationship soon broke up. ,

 • SANJANA – VIRAT KOHLI’s name was now associated with SANJANA, who was a model both called it a rumor and said that we are very good friends, nothing more.

 • Izabel Leite – This is a Brazilian model and actress, Virat or Izabel Leite met in a business meeting. When she came to India and stayed for more than a year in this India for some work, during that time their meetings increased and news of their dating surfaced but this love did not last long.

Virat Kohli marriage

 Anushka Sharma is a Bollywood actress. Virat and Anushka worked together for an advertising company in 2013, their first meeting. After that, they became best friends and this friendship deepened, due to which news of their dating surfaced and Anushka. They really loved each other very much. On 11 December 2017 Virat and Anushka married in Italy. But there were some disputes in between, but even after many controversies, both remained connected to each other.

Virat Kohli-marriage-with-Anushka-Sharma–

Virat Kohli’s Daughter Vamika Kohli’s birth

 Vamika Kohli is the daughter of Indian cricketer  Virat Kohli, whose mother’s name is Anushka Sharma.  Vamika was born on 11 January 2021 at Breach Candy Hospital Trust, Mumbai

  Happened.  Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma have become parents.  Anushka and Virat themselves have given all this information to everyone through social media.  Virat was also playing in IPL 2020 Dubai and

Virat Kohli-with-anushka-sharma-and-vamika-
Virat Kohli-with-Anushka-Sharma-and-Vamika-

Interesting facts about Virat Kohli’s life

 There are many good and interesting things about Kohli’s life, in which many facts of his life are related like-

 • When his father died of a serious illness in 2006, he forgot all about it and decided to play a match against Karnataka in the Ranji series, which was very difficult for him.  In this Kohli scored Ninty runs for his team.

 • Only eight cricketers in the whole world have scored centuries in 20 ODIs, it also comes in those eight.  Virat is the fastest cricketer to score a 100 in 20 ODIs, before him the name Sachin Tendulkar was.

• Virat became the 4th cricketer after Sachin, Sourav, and MS Dhoni to score more than a thousand runs in ODIs in three consecutive years.

• Virat is the fastest Indian cricketer to make 1000, 3000, 4000, and 5000 runs records.  With this, he is one of the fastest international cricketers to score 5 Thousand runs, sharing with Richard.

• The former New Zealand captain said that “Rahul Dravid’s intensity is beyond the expectations of Virender Sehwag and even Sachin, Virat Kohli. Kohli is a great player”. And today Virat did the same.

 • He is one of the few Indian players to get a tattoo on his hand and he has got a very nice and clear tattoo of Golden Dragon.

• Virat likes to play against Australia and Pakistan. On the field, Virat leads India as a fast player. • Kohli was very smart in their studies, his teachers also used to say the same. Virat was very interested in mathematics and history. • Kohli used to watch cricket highlights videos in his spare time. Kohli has a restaurant in Delhi named Nueva.

Virat Kohli-with-indian-test-criket-team-
Virat Kohli-with-Indian-test-cricket-team-

Asia cup 2023 Ind vs Pak Match

Today, on 11 November 2023, in the India-Pakistan match of the Asia Cup, Virat Kohli batted brilliantly and during this, he also completed his 47th century. He scored a century in 84 balls and also set a world record in which he became the fastest player to score 13000 runs in 267 matches and scored an unbeaten 122 runs in 94 balls. It was necessary for India to win this match. Virat Kohli and KL Rahul strengthened their hold on the game and made a record-breaking partnership of 233 runs. Today was a good day for India from a cricket point of view.

 Records of Virat Kohli –

 Here we are telling some records of Kohli’s career in this table, which cricket lovers like to read again and again. That goes-

1. In the year 2011, Virat scored a century in the World Cup.

 2. He was the third Indian player to score a hundred runs in 2 ODIs in just twenty-two years.

3. Kohli was the first Indian player to score 1000, 3000, 4000, and 5000 runs in ODI cricket.

 4. In 2013, Kohli scored a century in 52 balls against Australia in Jaipur.

5. He was the quickest Indian cricketer to score 7500 runs in 5 ODIs.

6. World’s fastest to 13000 ODI runs in 267 matches

7. Virat Kohli scored 47th century in ODI cricket

Virat Kohli
Virat Kohli

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Lessons from the life of Virat Kohli-

After the death of his father, Virat became very lonely, and Kohli and his brother did not have any jobs. After struggling a lot, Kohli has reached this point today, for which he gives credit to his father. Virat feels his lack even today, but Virat never stopped, kept on moving continuously, and progressed towards progress.

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