Dr. S. Jaishankar: A Diplomatic Journey and Insights from ‘The India Way’

Dr. S. Jaishankar, the Indian diplomat and politician, who authorised  the book named “The India Way: Strategies for an Uncertain World,” which was published in 2020. Dr. S. Jayshankar is a member of parliament rajya sabha associated with bhartiya janta party representing the state of Gujarat. He is a member of bhartiya janta party since July 5, 2019. Dr. Subramanyam Jaishankar was appointed as the minister of external affairs on May 30 ,2019. He has made significant contributions to Indian foreign policy and is recognized for his role as the Minister of External Affairs.

He is well recognised as the ambassador of India in international communication. Among all the external ministers he is well remembered.  His success is the result of his critical thinking and strategic approach.

S. Jaishankar family background:

Dr. Jaishankar was born in a burrocrutic family on 9th January 1955 in New Delhi. He was the middle child of Sulochana Jaishankar and Krishnaswamy Subharamanyam. His father was an ex-IAS officer who played a great role in designing India’s security and nuclear policy, indeed he is considered as the  ‘architect of India’s nuclear doctrine ‘. He has two brothers and a sister. His elder brother Subramaniam Vijay Kumar is an ex-IAS officer of Himachal Pradesh. His younger brother Sanjay Subramanyan is a prominent historian.

Dr. Subharamanyam Jaishankar was married to his first wife Shobha who passed away due to cancer. He met his first wife while studying at JNU. After the death of his first wife, he met Kyoko during his posting in Japan.

Currently, Jaishankar is married to Kyoko Jaishankar. He has two sons, Dhruva, and Arjun, and a daughter Medha

. His elder son is a senior fellow at the German Marshall Fund in Washington, D.C., and his daughter Medha, is an executive with Reliance Entertainment.

Dr. Subrahmanyam Jaishankar’s Personal Life

Full Name  Subrahmanyam Jaishankar  
Date of Birth  09 Jan 1955 (Age 69)  
Place of Birth  New Delhi, India  
Education Father’s Name  Doctorate Late Krishnaswamy Subrahmanyam  
Mother’s Name  Sulochana Subrahmanyam  
Profession  Minister of External Affairs, Govt. of India  
Party Name  Bharatiya Janta Party  
Coste  Brahmin  
Religion  Hindu  
Social Handles  Social Mandies  
Recognition and Awards  Padma Shri Award (2019)  
Notable Quotes and Philosophies  “The India Way”  
Wife 1Shobha Jaishankar (succumbed to cancer)
Wife 2Kyoko Jaishankar
SonDhruva And Arjun Jaishankar
DaughterMedha Jaishankar

Educational Background

Dr. S. Jaishankar complete his schooling from The Air Force School, Subroto Park, New Delhi. He completed his graduation in chemistry from St. Stephen’s College at the University of Delhi. He completed his MA in Political Science and an M.Phil. and PhD in International Relations from Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU), where he specialized in nuclear diplomacy. During his session at IIT gauhati s. Jaishankar shared his journey from the field of chemistry to persuing MA in political science. The famous words of his ” if you can make a profession of your passion, you’ll be excellent at it” inspires every individual with a dream.

Career progression:

 In 1977 he joined the Ministry of External Affairs as Indian foreign service officer after passing civil services examination.  After completing his trainings, during 1979-81 he served as third secretary and second secretary in Moscow, Soviet union.

 Dr. S Jaishankar returned to India as an undersecretary and policy planner during 1981-85 in Delhi .

In 1985-89 he was promoted to first secretary in Washington D.C. , USA, where he served for three years. In 1988-90 , he was transferred as first secretary and political advisor to the Indian Peace Keeping Force in Sri Lanka as part of the war between srilankan military and the Tamil Tiger rebels.

In 1990-93 he was posted as a councellor Budapest in Hungary.  After serving three years as councellor in Budapest he returned to India and During the year 1993-96 he got posting as a press secretary to honorable president of India ( Shankar Dayal Sharma ).

In 1996-2000 Jaishankar assumed the role of deputy chief of mission at India’s embassy in Tokyo, followed by his appointment as the Indian envoy to the Czech Republic in 2000.

Afterwards he was posted as a joint secretary at the ministry of external affairs in the year 2004-07. he led the Americas Division in the Ministry of External Affairs.  He was the member of negotiation team for indo-us nuclear deal. In 2007-09 he was appointed to serve as High Commissioner to Singapore for two years. During these 2 years there signed a comprehensive economics cooperation agreement.

Jaishankar was sent to Beijing in 2009-13 as India’s ambassador to China. S. Jaishankar was India’s longest-serving ambassador to China, with a four-and-a-half-year term.

The first official meeting between Sh. Narendra Modi, the CM of Gujarat during that time, and Dr. S. Jaishankar occurred during Modi’s visit to China in 2011. During this period Dr. S jaishankar was under consideration to be appointed as foreign minister however internal pressure from members led to rejection of the appointment.

In the year 2013 he was assigned as the ambassador to USA. In September 2014 During the visit of PM Narendra Modi in USA, Dr. S jaishankar was in charge of planning on behalf of Embassy of India.

On 29th January,2015 2 days before his retirement, Dr. S jaishankar was appointed as foreign secretary of India for 2 years. After serving as foreign secretary for two years, he was given a one-year extension in January 2017. Dr. S jaishankar was the first foreign secretary to get one year extention term. 

In January 2018, completing his 3 years term of service as a foreign secretary of India , S. jaishankar announced his retirement. 3 months from his retirement he joined as a president of Global corporate affairs department in Tata group.

May 2019, Dr. S jaishankar was appointed as External affairs minister of India under BJP government. As per the constitution of India he was nominated to Rajyasabha representing Gujarat in June 2019.

In following year he was awarded with Padma Shri which the fourth highest civilian award of India.

Dr. S jaishankar published his famous book ” The way of India” in 2020.  In the 3rd chapter Krishna’s choice,   he write ‘A NATION THAT DOES NOT HONOUR ITS PAST HAS NO FUTURE.


He defines a new and strong India with rapid modernization.


Who is Dr. S. Jaishankar?

Dr. S. Jaishankar is an Indian diplomat and politician, currently serving as the Minister of External Affairs of India. He is a member of the Rajya Sabha representing Gujarat and is associated with the Bharatiya Janata Party.

What book did Dr. S. Jaishankar author, and when was it published?

Dr. S. Jaishankar authored the book “The India Way: Strategies for an Uncertain World,” which was published in 2020.

What significant roles has Dr. S. Jaishankar held in his diplomatic career?

Throughout his career, Dr. Jaishankar has served as India’s ambassador to China, the USA, and the Czech Republic, High Commissioner to Singapore, and held various key positions in the Ministry of External Affairs.

What is the significance of Dr. Jaishankar’s family background?

Dr. Jaishankar was born into a bureaucratic family. His father, Krishnaswamy Subrahmanyam, was an ex-IAS officer known as the architect of India’s nuclear doctrine. He has two brothers, one of whom is an ex-IAS officer, and a sister.

Who is Dr. S. Jaishankar’s current spouse, and does he have children?

Dr. Jaishankar is married to Kyoko Jaishankar. He has two sons, Dhruva and Arjun, and a daughter, Medha.

What notable positions did Dr. S. Jaishankar hold before becoming the Minister of External Affairs?

Before becoming the Minister of External Affairs, Dr. Jaishankar was the Foreign Secretary of India, held ambassadorships to several key countries, and served in various capacities within the Ministry of External Affairs.

What recognition did Dr. S. Jaishankar receive for his service?

In 2019, Dr. Jaishankar was awarded the Padma Shri, the fourth highest civilian award in India.

What is a notable quote from Dr. Jaishankar’s book ‘The India Way’?

A notable quote from Dr. Jaishankar’s book is: “A nation that does not honour its past has no future. No matter how difficult the consequences are, we should not run away from our responsibility.”

When did Dr. S. Jaishankar join the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)?

Dr. S. Jaishankar joined the Bharatiya Janata Party on July 5, 2019.

What is Dr. S. Jaishankar’s educational background?

Dr. Jaishankar completed his schooling at The Air Force School in New Delhi, graduated in Chemistry from St. Stephen’s College, University of Delhi, and earned his MA, M.Phil., and Ph.D. in International Relations from Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU).


Dr. S. Jaishankar’s journey exemplifies a remarkable dedication to diplomacy and strategic thinking. With an extensive career in the Indian Foreign Service, he has held key positions, including ambassadorships to major countries and the role of Foreign Secretary. His tenure as the Minister of External Affairs underscores his significant influence on India’s foreign policy. Born into a bureaucratic family and equipped with a strong academic background, Dr. Jaishankar has been a crucial figure in India’s international relations. His book, “The India Way: Strategies for an Uncertain World,” reflects his profound insights and vision for India’s future on the global stage.

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