Queen Victoria Biography, fascinating Facts, Family Tree

Queen Victoria Biography, fascinating Facts, Family Tree

Birth of Queen Victoria

Queen Victoria was the Former Queen of the United Kingdom

Queen Victoria was born on May 24, 1819 (Alexandrina Victoria; May 24, 1819 – January 22, 1901).  The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland’s Queen was Victoria. Victoria was queen from June 20, 1837, until her death in 1901. When Victoria was 8 months old, her father died.

            Queen Victoria

1NameAlexandrina Victoria
2Born24 May 1819
3KingdomGreat Britain and Ireland
4HusbandPrince Albert
6LanguageEnglish ,Urdu and Hindi
7DeathJanuary 22, 1901
8LoverAbdul Karim

 Victoria’s maternal uncle handled her introductory education very skillfully. He himself was a very capable and experienced person. At the same time, he had prejudices against ancient civilizations.


Sanctions on Victoria

Victoria was not allowed to meet men in private.

Even older servants could not reach him. As long as she studied with the teachers, her mother or father sat next to her.

Victoria becomes queen

Victoria ascended the seat of kingdom at the age of 18. She writes that every day there are so many reports from ministers and so many papers to sign that I have to work very hard. But I enjoy it. This feeling of his for the works of the state remained until the end.

In these works she considered her only authority.

In it, she did not even accept the intervention of uncle and mother.

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Victoria marriage

Victoria married her cousin Prince Albertin 1840.Albertin was prince of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha . When she was married, she also kept her husband away from the kingdom. But gradually her husband’s qualities of love, learning and tact etc.

Took possession of her and she became a husband and started to walk according to his wishes. But at the age of 43 she was widowed.

 Despite this suffering, he reigned for 39 years with great honesty and justice. The burden that was placed on her shoulders, she carried to her strength to the end.

On December 14, 1878, the anniversary of Albert’s death, Victoria’s second daughter Alice, who had been married to Louis of Hesse, died of diphtheria in Darmstadt.

Victoria described the coincidence of the dates as “almost unbelievable and most mysterious”.

 In May 1879 she became a great-grandmother (at the birth of Princess Feodora of Saxe-Meiningen) and passed her “poor old 60th birthday”.She felt “older” than “lost my darling baby.”

The efficiency of Queen Victoria.

didn’t accept anyone’s help. He may have had less intellect, but his strength of character was very high. She performed her duty with the utmost sincerity in the form of wife, mother and queen. His behavior with the servants of the house was very kind.

 Heavy Vaidavya – Buried with grief, the grief of others touched them very quickly. Useful inventions such as rail and wire were made in his time.

Lessons from the Life of Queen Victoria

 Whatever work you have. Pick it up as much as possible. You will bear the burden, step by step you take firm steps. As soon as he moved forward, the one that was tight around his waist. Even if the burden is great, the road will be cut off.

 May the flag of Yash’s labor be erased even if the feast is nirbaah || He will reach the destination. will go . Team. to increase . Even in the dark of sorrow, do not give up your duty. To go . On the head . Will wave || Cloud .

 Don’t give up, don’t lose heart Hide your sadness.

Indian Rebellion of the British East India Company in1857

After the Indian Rebellion of 1857, the British East India Company, which had ruled much of India, was dissolved and Britain’s possessions and protectorates in the Indian subcontinent were formally incorporated into the British Empire.

 The Queen had a relatively balanced view of the conflict and condemned the atrocities on both sides.

She wrote of “her feelings of horror and regret at the outcome of this bloody civil war”, insisting, at Albert’s insistence, that an official proclamation announcing the transfer of power from the company to the state should “sense of generosity.” breathing, benevolence and religious tolerance”.

 At her request, a reference that threatened the “undermining of indigenous religions and customs” was replaced with a passage guaranteeing religious freedom

Between April 1877 and February 1878, he threatened to resign five times if he pressured Disraeli to take action against Russia during the Russo-Turkish War, but his threats influenced events with the Congress of Berlin or their conclusion. did not do.

Disraeli’s expansionist foreign policy, supported by Victoria, led to conflicts such as the Anglo-Zulu War and the Second Anglo-Afghan War.

Queen Victoria and Abdul Karim love story

Britain’s Queen Victoria spent the last 13 years of her life with India’s Munshi Abdul Karim.


Abdul Karim was sent to Britain in the favor of the Queen.

Abdul Karim was work as a clerk in Agra.

He was sent from India to teach Urdu and Hindi to the Queen. Queen Victoria taught Urdu from him and she taught him English.

Within a few months he became the Queen’s teacher and Queen Victoria mastered Urdu.

Now often the queen used to write diaries in Urdu only.

, The Queen gave Abdul Karim the title of Munshi and made the Secretary of the Indian Ministry of Finance.

He became a very dear friend of the Queen. The Queen used to write her love letters many times. In which the sign of X was often written three times.

That mark meant a kiss.

Gradually this thing spread all over Britain but the Queen did not give any clarification on this. The mention of this love is found in Abdul Karim’s diary.

After the death of Queen Victoria in 1901, King Edward destroyed evidence of an affair between Abdul Karim and Queen Victoria.

After 1901, Abdul Karim immigrated to Agra in India and died at the age of 46.

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