14th The Former President of India Ramnath Kovind Bio, Twitter, Instagram, Latest News.

14th The Former President of India Ramnath Kovind Bio, Twitter, Instagram, Latest News.

Ramnath Kovind was The Former President of India. He was born on 1 October 1945.

Ramnath Kovind is a Dalit leader as well as a member of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP).  Ramnath Kovind has also been the Governor of Bihar from 2015 to 2017.

On 19 June 2017, BJP President Amit Shah announced Kovind ji, who is the NDA candidate for the post of President.  And on 20 July 2017 Ram Nath Kovind became the President of India.

1 October 1945 in Kanpur Dehat Ramnath Kovind was born in Uttar Pradesh.  Kovind has studied B.Com and LLB from Kanpur University.

According to the website of the Governor of Bihar, Kovind was a lawyer for the central government in the Delhi High Court from 1977 to 1979.  He was on the Standing Council of the Central Government from 1980 to 1993.

He practiced for 16 years in Delhi High Court and Supreme Court.  He was nominated to the Delhi Bar Council in 1971.

In 1994, Kovind was elected to the Rajya Sabha of Uttar Pradesh. He was a Member of the Parliament of Rajya Sabha for 12 years. Kovind was also a member of several parliamentary committees.

The Former President of India Ramnath Kovind Family

NameRamnath Kovind {The Former President of India Ramnath Kovind}
Born1 October 1945
Name of Father  Maiku Lal (Businessman, Vaidya or Ayurveda Practitioner)
Mother’s Name  Kalavati
brother  4
sister  3
Wife  Savita Kovind (retired public employee)
Marriage date  May 30, 1974
Name of son Prashant Kumar  Prashant Kumar
Name of daughterSwati (Working with Air India Integration Department)  

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The Former President of India Ramnath Kovind Assumes the presidency

The term of the then President of India, Pranab Mukherjee, will end on July 24, 2017. The following day, July 25, 2017, Ram Nath Kovind will be sworn in as the 14th President of India. Ramnath Kovind won by 7,02,044 votes out of the total votes cast of 10,09,358 after the last vote count on July 20, 2017.

While his rival and former Lok Sabha President Meena Kumar got only 3,67,314 votes.

On 19 June 2017, he was declared the candidate for the President of India by the ruling National Democratic Alliance.  Bharatiya Janata Party National President Amit Shah announced his candidature by holding a press conference,

Amit Shah said that Ramnath Kovind has come up from the Dalit society and he has done a lot of work for the upliftment of Dalits, he is a lawyer by profession and  He also has a good knowledge of the Constitution, so he will prove to be a good President and will continue to work for the welfare of humanity in the future.

 Presidential election results were declared on 20 July 2017 in which Kovind defeated Meira Kumar of UPA by a margin of about 3 lakh 34 thousand votes.

  Kovind got 65.65 percent of the votes. Kovind was sworn in as the 14th President of India on July 25, 2017, after Pranab Mukherjee, the 13th President of India.

The Former President of India Ramnath Kovind Latest News

Ram Nath Kovind ji is recently on a 3 day tour of Kanpur. And he has made this journey traveling by train. Let us tell you that this is the first time in the last 15 years that the President of India has traveled by train.

Yes, on June 25, the then president of our country, Ram Nath Kovind, arrived in the UP city of Kanpur while traveling by train to meet his old friends and family in his homeland. Your train journey started at Delhi’s Safdarjung Railway Station and ended at Kanpur Central Station.

Meanwhile, the bad news came that due to the arrival of the president, there was a traffic jam in many places in the city, in this traffic jam, Vandana Mishra, president of a women’s wing of the Govindnagar IIA, died from being trapped. In reality, he was battling an illness and had to get to the hospital soon.

But due to the jam, he could not reach and died. When this news reached the president, he expressed regret about it. The policemen also apologized for this.

On June 27, President Ram Nath Kovind arrived in his village, Paraunkh, where he addressed a meeting. He said that ‘I have come to the place where I am today because of this homeland, it is only my family’s blessings and sanskars that brought me to this place.’

In his speech, the president also talked about his salary, he said that I earn 5 lakhs a month but pay 50% tax. He had said it to motivate people to pay taxes regularly to contribute to the country’s development work.

After this meeting, he met his closest friends. As soon as he stepped foot on his homeland, he applied the land there to his forehead and got excited too.

After this, on June 28 and 29, Rashtrapatiji visited Lucknow. He also traveled here by train. After this, he returned to New Delhi on June 29.

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Work done by The Former President of India Ramnath Kovind

The specific positions in which he worked in the Rajya Sabha during his tenure as a Rajya Sabha MP are as follows:

• Parliamentary Committee on Internal Affairs

• Perlintry Committee on Petroleum and Natural Gas

• Parliamentary Committee for Social Justice and Empowerment

• Parliamentary Committee on Law and Justice

• President of Rajya Sabha

Apart from the specific publications mentioned above, Shri Ramnath Kovind also had the opportunity to work on many other important publications.

He also worked as a member of the Board of Directors of Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar University. He also worked as a board member of the Indian Institute of Management, Kolkata. Apart from this, he represented India at the United Nations General Assembly in October 2002.

Social activities of The Former President of India Ramnath Kovind

He did a lot of work for people in the older section of society. Mainly some are the following:

• Began working for Scheduled Castes: Scheduled Tribes, Minorities, Women since his college days.  Since his student days, many people understood him Due to his public service He took many important steps to spread education in society.

While serving as a Rajya Sabha MP for his 12 years, he put special emphasis on spreading education among the above sections.

• Provided many legally available free facilities for SC-STs and women during advocacy. Thanks to their efforts, an organization like the ‘Free Legal Aid Society’ could come into existence in Delhi.

• He donated his ancestral home in Kanpur to his villagers, which is now used as a procession.

• In view of his deep penetration among Dalits, Shri Rajnath Singh had accepted his help to campaign in the Dalit areas of Uttar Pradesh in the 2012 Uttar Pradesh elections.

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On 25 July 2017, the post of President was received by Ram Nath Kovind who was the 14th President of India.  Draupadi Murmu is currently the second woman President of India.  On 25 July 2022, the 15th President of India became.

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Some interesting facts about The Former President of India Ramnath Kovind

The Former President of India Ramnath Kovind donated one month’s salary to the ‘PM Cares fund and decided to forgo 30 percent of his salary for another year.

Rashtrapati Bhavan also mentioned various works and initiatives taken during his third year as President.

 Ram Nath Kovind was born in a middle-class family in Paraukh village in Kanpur Dehat.

 The village where Kovind was born was a Brahmin and Thakur-dominated area with only four Dalit households.

 Kovind’s father was a Chaudhary of Paraukh village.  He was also an eminent physician.  He also had a grocery and clothing shop.

Ram Nath Kovind was a promising student from childhood.  After earning his primary education from Kanpur Dehat, he moved to Kanpur where he graduated in commerce and law from Kanpur University.

After graduating, Kovind moved to Delhi where he started preparing for the Civil Services Examination.  In Delhi, he met Jan Sangh leader Hukum Chand (Ujjain Wale), after which his inclination turned towards politics.

Kovind started his profession as a lawyer.  In 1971, he became a member of the Delhi Bar Council.

 Kovind was married to Savita Kovind on 30 May 1974.  They have a son Prashant and a daughter named Swati.

From 1977 to 1979, Kovind worked as an advocate in the Delhi High Court. During this period, he was also a personal assistant to then Prime Minister Morarji Desai.

In 1978 he became the Official Advocate of the Supreme Court.

From 1980 to 1993, he worked in the Supreme Court as Permanent Advocate for the Central Government.

 On 8 August he became the 36th Governor of Bihar.

 Nominated for the post of President by NDA on 19 June 2017.

On 25 July 2017, Ram Nath Kovind took the oath of office and secrecy as the fourteenth President of India.

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Q: Who is Ramnath Kovind?

Answer: The Former President of India Ramnath Kovind

Q: Where was Ramnath Kovind born?

Answer: In Paraukh village near Kanpur

Q: Who is the former president of India?

Answer: The Former President of India Ramnath Kovind

Q: When did Ramnath Kovind become president?

Answer: July 2017

Q: How old is Ramnath Kovind?

Answer: 78 years

Q: Is Ramnath Kovind’s wife a Brahmin?

Answer: No Koli Caste

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