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You must be hearing a name again and again in the news these days. His name is Atiq Ahmed. Who is Atiq Ahmed, what does he do, and why is his name coming in the news. All these questions are going on in your mind, but in this article by Bantiblog, you will get answers to all your questions. Let’s know who is Atiq Ahmed and how was his life till now.

Who is atiq ahmed

Atiq Ahmed was currently an Indian politician, but his name is often counted among the lords of crimes. There was a time when Atiq Ahmed used to speak in the world of crime, after stepping into politics, he did not look back, but this is not the whole truth because recently his name surfaced in Raju Pal and Umesh Pal’s murder case. Ever since the Yogi government came to power in Uttar Pradesh, goons are in a bad condition.

Ateeq Ahmed was in jail for the last few years. A few days ago, Ateeq’s younger son Asad was killed in an encounter. on April 15, 2023 Ahmed and his brother Ashraf were also shot dead.


Atiq Ahmed Birth and Age

AameAiq Ahmed
Born10 August 1962
Place of birthPrayagraj [UP]
Age60 Year
Caste Muslim
Political partySamajwadi Party
Marital Status:Married
CaseMurder case
WifeShaista Parveen

Early life of Ateeq Ahmed

Atiq Ahmed’s father Firoz used to drive a tonga at Allahabad railway station, but he never liked doing this work. Due to which he made politics a part of it.

When did Atiq Ahmed step into the world of crime?

He killed someone for the first time at the age of 17. After this, he started getting scared everywhere. This was the reason that his name got registered in the police records. Let us tell you that 80 cases are registered against him. These include murder, kidnapping, obstructing government work, breach of peace, misuse of licensed arms, Goonda Act etc. All these cases have been registered in different states of Allahabad, Lucknow, Kaushambi, Chitrakoot, and Deoria.

The political journey of Atiq Ahmed

Prayagraj West Assembly Seat

Ateeq Ahmed was nominated for the Prayagraj West Assembly seat in 1989. For which he got the seat of an independent candidate. From here he started a new and different beginning of his life. He was MLA for five times on this seat. These days were one of the best days of his life. Starting his political journey from Prayagraj, he first started working as an independent candidate from the Prayagraj West Assembly seat.

Let us tell you that Gopaldas of Congress was defeated by 8102 votes. After this, Atiq Ahmed contested the 1991 and 1993 elections as an independent from this seat. Which he won. After this, he contested the election for the fourth time in the year 1996 riding on the Samajwadi Party’s bicycle and became an MLA. But after some time, the distance between Ateeq Ahmed’s SP continued. Because of this, he left the SP. After which he joined Sonlal Patel’s party in 1999.

Lost election from Pratapgarh

Apna Dal fielded him from Pratapgarh, but Atiq had to face defeat here. And in 2002, Apna Dal got Atiq a ticket from his traditional seat, Allahabad West. He got success again in this election. After which he was successful in reaching the assembly. When Mulayam Singh Yadav’s government was formed in the year 2003, Atiq Ahmed joined SP again. After which he did not leave the hand of SP.

Became MP from Phulpur in 2004

In the year 2004, SP gave ticket to Atiq Ahmed from Phulpur in the Lok Sabha elections. By winning which he reached the Lok Sabha for the first time. After which he resigned from the assembly seat. In the by-election held there, the SP gave ticket to Atiq’s brother Khalid. But Raju Pal of BSP defeated him. Atiq Ahmed could not bear the anger of the defeat and got Raju Pal killed. After which the government filed a case on his illegal property and construction. Because of this, the locks of his luck seem to be closing.

Ateeq Ahmed accused of murdering Raju Pal In 2004, Ateeq Ahmed became MP after getting ticket from Phulpur. After which the West Assembly seat became vacant. Elections were held twice on this seat. His brother was fielded in this election. But he could not win this seat. BSP candidate won this seat. He took out this anger after a few months by killing Raju Pal. In the year 2005, Raju Pal was shot dead in broad daylight. In this case, Atiq Ahmed’s brother Ashraf was made the main accused.

Atiq Ahmed Mayawati became strict

In the year 2007, the Mayawati party MLA was exposed in the murder case. When Mayawati came from Uttar Pradesh. After this, he inquired about Atiq Ahmed. The documents were presented sequentially. These were about 10 accidents. As a result, strict action was taken against Ateeq Ahmed. Uttar Pradesh imposed a fine of one thousand on him. Atiq was arrested when the pressure increased. The government attached his property worth crores, SP government was formed in 2014, Atiq Ahmed got bail in that government.

Atiq Ahmed surrendered in Delhi

Since the reward was also in his name, the application of SP Atiq Ahmed took a long time. This Atiq Ahmed surrendered himself after reaching the police station. After this, their upward action has started. For which complete preparations have been made by the police as if they will be produced in the court. His information will also be told to the media.


Atiq Ahmed got Umesh Pal killed

After killing Raju Pal, now he also got Raju’s special friend Umesh Pal killed. Because of which a case has now been registered against him for getting both Raju and Umesh Pal murdered. Due to which the action has been started. The Uttar Pradesh government has also started running bulldozers on their illegal constructions. This will also let them know how serious the crimes they have committed are. After which someone else will think many times before committing such a crime. Along with this, other actions are also going on.

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Encounter of Atiq Ahmed’s son Asad

In the Umesh Pal murder case, the Uttar Pradesh Police has achieved a major success. Asad Ahmed, the son of Atiq Ahmed, the main accused in this murder, and Ghulam, the shooter involved in the murder, have both been encountered. Actually, after this murder case, both of them were absconding for many days. Their encounter took place between Baragaon and Chirgaon, located at a distance of 30 kilometers near Jhansi.

Actually, both of them were hiding around a Parichha dam situated near Jhansi and Kanpur highway, and from there the UP STF surrounded both of them. And after firing from both sides, both of them had an encounter.


Atiq Ahmed will not get a chance to attend his son’s last rites

The news is coming that after the death of his son, Ateeq Ahmed has accepted all the allegations that he got Umesha Pal murdered. His hand is behind all this. Due to this, he has also been punished by the court. After hearing the news of the death, Atiq Ahmed has also recommended to the court to attend the last rites of his son.

But some action has to be taken on this today i.e. on Saturday. The bodies of Asad and Ghulam are being taken from Jhansi to Prayagraj by the UP Police, and their last rites will be performed there. Let us tell you that even at the time of the death of Ateeq Ahmed’s father Firoz Ahmed, Atiq Ahmed was in jail and he did not get a chance to attend his funeral.

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Atiq Ahmed’s offense charts

·        The crime started from a well outside the city
and he used to rob people there at night and distribute the money to 10% of the
poor. Atiq became the messiah of the poor people in no time and he became a big

·        On January 17, 2007, two minor girls were
abducted from a madrasa hostel in Karauli area of Prayagraj in the night by
Atiq’s brother and some of his goons. Raped overnight and dumped in front of
the madrasa in the morning. no hearing on them

·        Chand Baba, the messiah of the poor, was

·        Murder of jagga

·        The murder of BSP MLA Raju Pal

·        Atiq Ahmed kept 20 policemen imprisoned in a

General question

Q: Who is Atiq Ahmed?

A: Atiq Ahmed is a Member of Parliament from the Samajwadi Party.

Q: Where does Ateeq Ahmed live from?

A: Atiq Ahmed is a resident of Prayagraj.

Q: Whom did Atik Ahmed kill?

A: BSP MLA Raju Pal was murdered.

Q: What did Atiq Ahmed surrender?

A: Surrendered after going to Delhi.

Q: Who prosecuted Atiq Ahmed?

A: Mayawati had started the case.

Q:Who killed ateeq ahmed

A:Their names are Sunny, Arun Maurya and Lavlesh Tiwari.

Q:From which place were those who killed Ateeq Ahmed?

A:Sunny Kasganj, Arun Maurya Hamirpur and Lavlesh Tiwari are said to be residents of Banda.

Q:How many son’s did atiq have?

A:Five son’s Asad Ahmed, Ali, Umar, Azaan, Aban Ahmed

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