These are the 8 Best Online Courses to Learn UI Design in 2023

These are the 8 Best Online Courses to Learn UI Design in 2023

UI Design Courses to Learn in 2023.Whether you’re a graphic designer or web developer looking to upgrade, or a complete novice considering a full career switch to UI design – learning UI design skills can help you make a real impact on the lives of people with beautiful, impactful interfaces. While it is possible to teach yourself the basics, there are a multitude of online UI design courses that will give you the practical skills and design approach that will get you hired in today’s workplace.

Not sure where to start? Here we’ve rounded up 6 of the best online UI design courses to take in 2023; from introductory courses for those who want to deepen their knowledge, to full career change programs for those who want to invest.

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If you’re new to the field, you might want to try this free, hands-on UI design short course, which covers the basics of UI and creates your very first app screen from scratch. Then, if you decide this is the field for you, you can formalize your learning with one of the paid courses listed here. Let’s start!


Want to master the basics of UI design without breaking the bank? We recommend the popular learning platform Udemy, and this Principles and Practices for Great UI Design course by expert Joe Natoli is a great place to start. This 5-hour, 50-lesson course is packed with timeless principles for good user interface design that you can apply to anything you work on. You will learn to create and apply principles of hierarchy, color, contrast, typography, and gestalt to design appropriate visual cues for your users.

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2. Experience Haus

London-based company Experience Haus offers a more innovative and immersive approach to learning UX and UI design remotely. In your 8-week user experience and interface design course, you’ll get live workshops, summaries and logs from real customers, interactive interview sessions with users, and a course completion certificate at the end. With a maximum of 15 people per course, it’s a great option for anyone who prefers a more collaborative way of learning.

3. Skillshare

It’s natural to want to test the waters of user interface design before making a significant investment of time and money. Shared skill to the rescue! With short lessons you can take anywhere, Skillshare offers free registration and access to classes on both the web and mobile devices.

There are a variety of individual UI design classes available on the site, but if a course is what you’re looking for, this UI design sketch course is a great option. Over 7 hours, this course will see you master the full functionality of the popular Sketch UI design tool and teach you how to harness its potential. With a combination of video lessons and hands-on exercises, you’ll create a working, interactive prototype.

4. Springboard

Like Bloc, Springboard offers a UX/UI Design career path, combining both disciplines into one course. With a curriculum divided into 35 units, you’ll work on substantial design projects and complete a real-world internship with an industry client. After nine months, you will graduate with a professional UI/UX design portfolio that will help you stand out in the job market.

Since the program is billed monthly, students who finish earlier have the added advantage of paying less for their tuition.

5. Learn.UIdesign

The Learn UI design online video course takes a hands-on approach to teaching aspiring techies the fundamental tools, methods, and processes of UI design. Once registered, you will be able to watch 41 video lessons that you can watch at your own pace. You’ll also have access to dozens of downloadable assignments, printable cheat sheets, and an online Slack community to help you as you progress through the course.

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6. Thinkful

Tech bootcamp Thinkful’s “designer track” program, which combines both UI and UX design to give students versatile and competitive skills, is a great option for beginners who want to fully immerse themselves in the world of design. Flexible at their own pace and with a holistic approach to design, students receive 360-degree support in building their portfolio of 3-6 real-world projects throughout the program. Thinkful also offers several scholarships that promote diversity in technology, to ease the financial burden.

7. Interaction Design Foundation UI Design Courses

The Interaction Design Foundation is best known for their UX content, but they also have multiple courses for learning UI design.

Aspiring UI designers can choose from a total of 12 courses, ranging from foundation courses on design thinking and visual design, beginner courses on UI design patterns and UX design, to intermediate courses on key topics such as design for accessibility and interaction design for usability, as well as advanced courses that look at more complex concepts, such as pricing, brain science, and augmented and virtual reality.

All courses are online and at your own pace, and you can access all course content for a flat fee of €15 per month. The Interaction Design Foundation is another great option if you want to learn flexible and affordable UI design from a reputable provider.

8. CareerFoundry UI Design Tool

The CareerFoundry UI design program is another completely online option and provides a comprehensive learning experience for those hoping to land a job as a UI designer.

The course lasts approximately 9 months and focuses on the key skills and tools you need to work in the design industry. At just over $6,000, it’s more expensive than some of the other UI design courses available. However, the price includes expert mentorship, career coaching and a job guarantee, meaning you can get your money back if you don’t find a job after completion.

You can progress through the course at a flexible pace, doing practical exercises and building your design portfolio along the way.

Highlights of the course:

Takes about 9 months to complete

Costs between €6,175 and €6,500 (depending on whether you pay in advance or in monthly installments)

Includes a project-based curriculum and mentorship Students may be eligible for a refund if they

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