Saint Elizabeth of Hungary Biography, Saints Resource

Saint Elizabeth of Hungary Biography, Saints Resource

Biography of Saint Elizabeth of Hungary

Saint Elizabeth of Hungary was born in 1207 in the house of Queen Elizabeth, King Andrea of ​​Hungary. From a young age, he loved things related to God and seeing the poor and grieving made him feel pity for him.
In 1220 Elizabeth married Sri Louis, son of the devout King Hermann of Saxony.
Also known as Saint Elisabeth of Thuringia or Saint Elisabeth of Thuringia, was a Princess of the Kingdom of Hungary and Landgraves of Thuringia in Germany.

Saint Elizabeth of Hungary married at 14 and was widowed at 20. Herman had died and Prince Louis ascended the throne with his devoted wife Elizabeth.


 When the king went somewhere, Elizabeth did not invent or eat delicious food according to the sacred.

People from the royal family used to make fun of him too. Elizabeth had infinite love and simple faith in God. She worshiped God with a sincere heart and served with her own hands the poor, the sad, the poor, the afflicted, and the lepers.

 At one point in 1225, King Louie had gone to another country for war. Isabel handled all the state work with great skill behind the scenes.

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The people were very happy under his rule. Luckily, there was a famine at the time. The merciful queen, despite the opposition of her brother-in-law Henry and other state officials, opened the doors to all the royal treasuries.

All the sufferings of the people were removed. When King Louis returned, Henry and other officials complained to the queen, but Louis supported his just and kind wife’s action, saying that “God will give us a thousand times more than is given to the afflicted in the name of God.”.

In 1227, Luis had to undertake a war trip again. There was bad luck during the trip. The queen was terrified, but she did not stop her husband from doing his duty. The king was taken. But he got sick on the ship and went to heaven.

The queen was very saddened by this news but then committed herself to God’s service, accepting God’s blessings. At this time he had three children. After Louis’ death, Henry mercilessly kicked out the queen along with the children.

She took the children. But his faith in God remained unshakeable. He once got a place at a porridge in a tavern. She rejoiced in it. Eventually, his maternal uncle called him and kept him quiet.

On the other hand, the military officers forced Henry to show fear, they sent men to call Sadhvi Rani, but she did not come back. Finally, her mother-in-law Sophia, Henry, left.

 He regretted his actions. Sadhvi Rani had no animosity in her mind, she had detachment, but she came back after seeing the humility of these people. Arriving here, he began to worship God and serve the poor, living in a forest of leaves in a deserted place in the city of Marvarga.

One night in November 1231, he heard this in a very melodious voice: ‘Dear Elizabeth! Preparations have been made to welcome you to the Nityadham, you must leave soon.

Saint Elizabeth of Hungary was ready. He began to pray out loud. When the men and women present began to cry, as she explained, she said: ‘You guys stay calm.

Don’t let me stop you from listening to my divine music. ‘ Only after saying this did she depart from this mortal world forever and arrive at the divine abode of the Lord.


Miracles of Saint Elizabeth of Hungary

1 Another story told of Saint Elizabeth of Hungary, also found in Apolda’s Vita of Dietrich, relates how she put the leper Helias of Eisenach to bed in the bed she shared with her husband. His mother-in-law, who was horrified, immediately told Ludwig this upon his return.

 When Ludwig removed the sheets in great indignation, at that instant “Almighty God opened the eyes of his soul, and instead of a leper he saw the figure of Christ crucified lying on the bed.” This story also appears in Franz Liszt’s book.

2 Shortly after Saint Elizabeth of Hungary’s death, miracles were reported at her grave in the hospital church, especially healings. At the suggestion of Conrad and by order of the pope, examinations were carried out on those who were cured between August 1232 and January 1235.

The results of these studies were supplemented by a brief biography of the future saint, as well as testimonies and companions of the virgins Elizabeth.

Education of [ Sadhvi ]Saint Elizabeth of Hungary


Ask God for blessings. Oh Lord, give me this offering.
i only want you
You are my body, mind, and property.
I have nothing left. Everything is yours.
you are my only love You are the only one like you.

There is always a sense of oneness with you. May all surrender be without hindrance.

Yes, the Lord loves you.

Everything else is sad.

All I see is your form.

Be in service all your life.

serving the poor

I will make you happy for the rest of your life.

your love is my wealth

The most beautiful matchless Shobhan.

I will always be rich with this money. May you always remain a servant?

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