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Alakh Pandey Sir is one of the renowned online physics teachers in India, and also the founder and CEO of Physics Wallah Company which has become a unicorn company with a valuation of over 8000 crore education startups.

Full Name:Alakh Pandey
Date of Birth:2 October 1991
Place of Birth:Prayagraj, Uttar Pradesh
Father Name:Satish Pandey
Mother Name:Rajat Pandey
Famous As:YouTube Teacher, Physics Wallah Founder
Education:Graduate, 3rd Year Drop Out
Alakh Pandey Wife:Shivani Dubey
ReligionThe Hindu
Zodiac SignAries
OccupationTeacher, Youtuber
HobbiesTeaching, Reading, Writing
SchoolBishop Johnson School and college [2010]
CollegeHarcourt Butler Technical Institute, Kanpur,
EducationalB.Tech [2015]
Height5.8 Feet

Alakh Pandey Sir Biography:

 Alakh Pandey sir who taught physics to thousands and millions of children through his acting was born in the 90s in Prayagraj district of Uttar Pradesh, he is best known all over India as the founder of Physics Wallah company which is a company with a valuation of more than 8000 million dollars.

Apart from this, Alakh sir is also known for teaching physics online through YouTube and its application Physics Wallah. And his way of teaching physics is such that his videos often go viral on YouTube.

Alakh Pandey Sir family

Alakh Pandey’s family was a poor family, who raised his family with great difficulty. Alakh Pandey’s father’s name is Satish Pandey, Alakh Pandey’s mother’s name is Rajat Pandey and Alakh Pandey also has a younger sister, Aditi Pandey. Alakh Sir, actually it is from Prayagraj Nagar.

And His father, his mother have always supported Alakh Pandey, his family was willing to give any sacrifice to complete Alakh Pandey’s education.

He even had to sell his house. Thanks to the sacrifice of Alakh Pandey’s parents, Alakh Pandey has become a huge star in education today, both in India and in the world.

Alakh Pandey Sir’s age

The age of Alakh Pandey is 32 years from the year 2023.

Alakh Pandey Sir wife and personal life

 Alakh Pandey’s wife is Shivani Dubey. On the other hand, when we talk about Alakh sir’s personal life, Alakh Pandey’s name Isir sir’s wife Shivani Dubey, and she is also associated with Physics Wallah company.

Alakh Pandey’s wife Shivani Dubey turned 30 in 2023. He is a journalist and news anchor. He has worked for Aaj Tak, News18 India, and other Indian news channels.

Alakh and Shivani got married on February 22, 2023. They were dating for years before getting married.

Physics Wallah’s wife, Shivani Dubey, was born and raised in Allahabad, UP. She did her Masters in Chemistry. Alakh Pandey Sir reveals about Shivani Dubey that they were in love for 2 years and after 2 years. They got engaged and then got married.

In many of her interviews, Alakh Pandey talks about Shivani and how he helped her on this physics journey. Shivani Dubey is also known as Babita and she does not share her personal information on social media.

Shivani is a very supportive wife and has been a great source of strength for Alakh throughout his career. She is also a very popular personality on social media, with many followers on Instagram and Twitter.


Alakh Pandey Sir Education

Alakh Pandey was very smart in education, he was interested in studies from childhood. brands.

After the completion of their 12th-grade education, he started preparing for IIT where he took the IIT exam.

After that, he got the chance to study at Harcourt Butler Technical Institute, Kanpur, where he obtained a B.Tech degree. He graduated in engineering.

Physics Wallah Offline Classroom Fees

Course Program NameFeesDuration
JEE/NEET for 11 Class49,000+18%GST1 Year
JEE/NEET for 12 Class49,000+18%GST1 Year
JEE/NEET for 11&12 Class89,000+18%GST2 Year
JEE/NEET for Dropper59,000+18%GST1 Year

Physics Wallah Online Classroom Fees

Course NameFees
LAKSHYA 2.0 NEET for Class 12th4200
LAKSHYA 2.0 JEE for Class 12th4200
YAKEEN for Dropper JEE/NEET4200
NEEV 2.0 For 9th1500
UDAAN 2.0 For 10th1500
JEE/NEET Crash Course1800

 Alakh Pandey Sir Physics Wallah Battle Life

Alakh Pandey sir has also had many struggles in his life, he wanted to be an actor since childhood. But due to the financial condition of the family, he could not enter the acting world, and earlier the financial condition of his house was such that his parents had to sell their house to raise their two children namely Alakh and daughter Aditi.

Alakh Pandey’s mind was engaged in acting from childhood and when he was in college he also tried to act but due to the financial situation of the family was not in order at that time instead of focusing on acting, he paid attention to his studies. from doing Sochi and later acting and due to financial constraints at home, he started teaching after he passed 12th. And he has taught in various coaching institutes for many consecutive years.

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But as Alakh Pandey progressed, his family’s financial condition deteriorated, after which Alakh Pandey devoted his full attention to education and study and gave up the dream of acting.

Establishment of Physics Wallah

Alakh Pandey continued to do offline lessons and coaching, after which he saw that the online lesson and coaching has also increased enormously. After which a YouTube channel was opened, a YouTube channel was opened called Physics Wala, at that time Alakh Pandey was alone and only teaching physics.

Alakh Pandey uploaded the first video on his YouTube channel and currently many Physics Wallah YouTube channels. His first video was viewed by approximately 700,000 people on March 15, 2016Although Alakh Pandey initially failed to gain success through his YouTube channel but gradually started to grow his YouTube channel,

2017 this channel had only 4000 subscribers, and then in the year 2019, it rose to 2 million in just two years. And in 2020, when the demand for online coaching increased among the students who subscribed to Kovid, and upon seeing this channel, it gained 8 million subscribers.

And after that, Alakh decided to launch the Physics Wallah app and today thousands of children are also connected with the Physics Wallah application. At the same time, the valuation of this physics company today is $1 billion (Rs 8,551 crore).

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 Physics Evaluation

 According to media reports, the valuation of Physics Wallah is about $1 billion (Rs 8,551 crore, and has become the 101st unicorn in India, and companies whose valuation reaches $1 billion without being listed on the stock market are considered unicorn companies. If we talk about their net worth, his net worth is about $7.23 million. is Rs. He generates his income from YouTube, online apps, and many other things. Physics Education App

Physics Wallah had success on their YouTube channel then in the year 2020, he also launched his app in which he prepared for NEET, JEE Mains, Jee Advanced, NDA, Foundation Class 9th and Class 10th, CUET, and many more. 

Physics Wallah all Social media channels
Profession  Online Educator Social Media Influencer
Instagram  4 Lakh Followers  Click Hare
Physics Wallah – Alakh Pandey Youtube channel6 Million Subscribers Click here  
JEE Wallah Youtube channel4 Lakh Subscribers Click here
Physics Wallah Foundation – 9th & 10th5 Lakh Subscribers Click here
Competition Wallah Youtube Channel7 Lakh Subscribers Click here
NCERT Wallah Youtube Channel3 Lakh Subscribers Click here
Defense Wallah – NDA Youtube Channel2 Lakh Subscribers Click here  
Facebook page1 Lakh Followers Click here
WebsiteClick here

What is Alakh Pandey’s net worth as of October 2023?

Alakh Pandey’s net worth is estimated to be $240 million as of October 2023. This is based on his company’s value, physics, his YouTube channel, and other business ventures.

It is a Physics EdTech company that provides online education to students in India. The company is worth more than $800 million. Alakh Pandey is the Founder and CEO of Physics Valhalla.

More than 20 million people watch Alakh Pandey’s YouTube channel, which is very popular. His videos on physics and other science topics have received over 10 billion views.

Apart from working in the education sector, Alakh Pandey is also a successful entrepreneur. Their investments include food delivery services and clothing lines.

Physics wallah contact number

PW Contact Number: 91 9513850450
Contact Email:

Who is Aditya Anand Sir from Physics?

At the Physics Wallah Institute, AAditya Sir is a well-known physics instructor. People want to know about one’s biography and many other things.
Aditya Sir is a physics teacher, content creator, and educator from India. Aditya Anand is his full name. He is well known for his distinctive teaching method, which teaches pupils about physics in an unusual way.
Born in Uttar Pradesh, Aditya Sir.

Aditya Anand’s Educational Background

Aditya Sir has always been a nice and conscientious student who received high grades. after finishing his early education. He has completed a B.Tech. in Electronics & Communication for his undergraduate degree. Additionally, Sir has seven or more years of teaching experience. After receiving his degree, he had positions as an ex-senior professor at the Aakash Institute and the Narayana IIT/PMT. He also worked for Tata Consultancy Services as an assistant system engineer.

Physics Wallah Vidyapeeth Kota

This year in 2022, the coaching center has been opened in Physics Wallah Vidyapeeth Kota and this time there is a lot of rush for admission. After the opening of this coaching center, the coaching of Allen of Aakash has suffered a lot because the cost of the physics school is much lower than the cost of Allen and Akash and Brujas. In my opinion, Physics Wallah is the best platform for NEET or GE coaching.

Impressed with Alakh sir my son Shubham rajpurohit was also admitted to PHYSICS WALLAH VIDYAPEETH of Kota this year 2022 and gained knowledge of coaching class from neet.alakh sir ka fan is my son. Shubham is very excited about getting knowledge from PHYSICS WALLAH VIDYAPEETH from Kota.

Unknown Facts About Alakh Pandey Sir (Doctor)

Alakh said in his twelfth copy, “In 2016 I will be the greatest physics teacher in India.” Edutech company Physics Wallah has become the 101st Unicorn company in India.

 Physics Wallah was founded in 2016 by Alakh Pandey, a teacher who teaches from Prayagraj, Uttar Pradesh, via YouTube.

 Today the valuation is around Rs 8,551 crore. Alakh Pandey Sir wanted to be an actor in his youth.

Physics Wala Vidyapeeth has set an example in the field of education in Kota.

Today, due to Physics Wallah Vidyapeeth Kota, the number of students in Kota is increasing. Physics Wallah Vidyapeeth Kota has left no stone unturned for the students in terms of studies. The result of that is that the hostel fee has been increased from 8 thousand to 10 and 12 thousand.


Who is the director of physics Wallah Kota?

The Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) has registered Gaurav Choudhary as a director of PHYSICSWALLAH PRIVATE LIMITED with DIN 09374578. He is an Indian who resides in the Indian state of Rajasthan.

Who are the directors of Physics Wallah?

The Board of Directors of PhysicsWallah
Director Alakh Pandey.
Director Prateek Maheshwari.
Director Gaurav Choudhary.
Director Rajat Pandya.

Who is the wife of Alakh Pandey sir?

Alakh Pandey sir’s wife Shivani Dubey and is also associated with Physics Wallah company.

What is the date of birth of Alakh Pandey Sir?

2 October 1991

Who is Alakh Pandey’s wife?

Alakh Pandey’s wife is Shivani Dubey.

What is the age of Alakh Pandey’s wife Shivani Dubey in 2o23?

Alakh Pandey’s wife Shivani Dubey turned 30 in 2023

When did Alakh and Shivani get married?

Alakh and Shivani got married on February 22, 2023. They were dating for years before getting married.

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