Golf Head Toilet Brush Review 2023 | Comparing the Best: Silicone vs. Plastic Toilet Brushes

In today’s time every house has a toilet and to clean that toilet the best toilet brush is needed. You must have a good quality golf head toilet brush to clean the toilet but no ordinary brush can clean the toilet well enough. Plastic brushes are usually used to clean the toilet, but these get damaged quickly and do not last long.

Rather, silicone brushes are better than plastic brushes because silicone brushes have flexibility and a special shape. The Golf Head toilet brush is designed in such a way that it is capable of thoroughly cleaning the bathroom. We highlight which one is better between silicone brushes and plastic brushes and which one is generally suitable for use. In this block, you will get complete information about silicone brushes and plastic brushes. If you want to know about this blog then forward it if you like it.

Advantages of Wave Brush – Golf Head Toilet Brush:

  Innovative Design: The Golf head design adds a fun and unique twist to a regular cleaning tool, making it an interesting conversation starter.

Effective Cleaning: The grooved head shape and design provides superior access and coverage throughout the toilet bowl, ensuring a thorough cleaning.

Hygienic Operation: The long handle of the golf club can keep your hands at a comfortable distance from the toilet bowl and maintain hygiene while cleaning.

Stability: The base of the golf club can provide stability, and prevent the brush from falling to the ground or dripping water.

Durable Material: If the corrugated head and handle are made of high-quality material, they can help make the toilet brush durable and sturdy.

EASY STORAGE: The Golf head shape makes it easy to hang the brush on a hook or in a storage solution specially designed for the product.

Aesthetic Appeal: The unique design can complement bathroom aesthetics by adding a touch of novelty and style.

Gift Idea: The golf-themed design could make this a unique and thoughtful gift for a golf enthusiast or anyone with a sense of humor.

Less Spatter: The design can help reduce spatter during use, ensuring a cleaner and more enjoyable cleaning experience.

Difference between silicone brush and plastic bristle brush:

Difference between silicone brush and plastic bristle

Silicone brush:

Material: Made of flexible and durable silicone material.

Cleaning Performance: The silicone bristles are generally effective at removing dirt and grime.

Hygiene: Easier to clean and less prone to bacteria growth than traditional brushes.

Longevity: Silicone brushes last longer because of their durability.

Stain Resistance: Silicone doesn’t absorb stains or odors as easily as some plastic toothbrushes.

Flexibility: Silicone bristles are more flexible and can adapt to different-sized toilets.

Soft: The silicone bristles are less likely to scratch or stain the surface of your toilet bowl.

Plastic brush

Material: Made of traditional plastic bristles.

Cleaning Performance: Plastic bristles are effective for scrubbing, but may be more abrasive on some surfaces.

Hygiene: More thorough cleaning and maintenance is required to prevent the accumulation of bacteria.

Longevity: Brushes with plastic bristles can wear out faster with regular use.

Absorbs Stains: Plastic earrings can absorb stains over time and trap odors.

Stiffness: Plastic bristles are generally stiff and may not conform to the curved surfaces of the toilet bowl.

Potential scratches: Some brushes with plastic bristles can scratch or damage the sensitive surfaces of the toilet bowl.

Golf head Toilet brush Main features

To learn more about the Golf head toilet brush, we need to know what features it contains and how much truth there is in it.

Let’s see some of the features that the company promises to provide us with the product.

• Durable earrings

It is believed that Golf bristle toilet brushes have more durable bristles than regular plastic brushes.

Since it is made of silicone, the product is believed to show less wear and tear than regular toilet brushes with plastic heads and bristles.

This brush is designed to withstand damage caused by intensive cleaning of toilets.

This brush is believed to last longer than plastic bristle bath brushes. If a normal toilet brush lasts 1-2 years, the silicone-based wave brush toilet brush is designed to last more than 5 years.

• Fast dry

The Golf Brush Head toilet brush is designed to dry faster after use than a regular brush.

A regular toilet brush with a plastic head usually takes a long time to dry and the holder is not good enough as there is no drainage system in the holder to remove excess water left in it due to the cleaning brush. It is wet.

When the water does not drain properly from the container, it becomes very dirty and leads to many diseases. Therefore, the silicone-based wave brush head toilet brush is designed to solve this problem.

Also included is a stand with a proper drainage system to drain excess water in the stand.

This is another reason for drying faster and faster than the usual brushes we use on a regular basis.

• Flexible brush head

The wave brush head toilet brush head is flexible and can be bent to move.

This is another unique feature of the brush that allows us to distinguish the normal brushes we use from this silicone-based toilet brush.

The flexible property of the brush promises better cleaning than a normal brush.

This silicone-based wave bristle toilet brush is very useful for cleaning the insides and corners of toilet bowls. Due to their flexibility, they cleaned corners that were impossible to clean and corners that were difficult to reach.

That is why flexible installations are much better at cleaning than normal installations.


Things that could have been better

The main reason for not recommending this product is the quality of the delivery and the lack of features that the product contains.

It’s not working as well as expected. The number of features of your good performance is smaller than the number of your poor performance.

Let’s dig deeper into more features that are the reason I get such bad reviews on the product and why I don’t recommend it at all.

• Does not clean well

This product is believed to clean toilet bowls much better than expected compared to regular products with soft plastic bristles that clean toilet bowls well.

But sometimes the product does not live up to expectations.

The inner corners of the toilet and the accumulated dirt particles in the toilet cannot be cleaned as they should have been cleaned.

It also takes a long time to complete the cleaning job and it doesn’t always do a good job. This is why it is often not recommended by those who have used it before.

• The handle is too short.

The handle that comes with the Golf Brush Head toilet brush is too short to reach the inside corners of the toilet.

It only cleans part of the outer parts of the toilet and that is not very efficient either.

You can’t get to the inside of the toilet where you really need to clean.

To do this, you need to lower your hand so low that it is disgusting to clean it. Such hard work is not necessary for a well-promoted product like this to be in the market. Although it is advertised in the market, it is not worth it at all.

• The Toilet brush holder is weak

The holder that comes with the golf head toilet brush is very effective at drying the brush. It also has a good drainage system for excess water coming out of the brush.

But the head is very weak. It can easily get damaged after a while.

A durable brush holder is essential for a durable brush. But this golf head toilet brush holder is not that durable.

It looks like it will break even if you touch it. If the support does not last as long, the brush will suffer the same consequences.

Why will Golf head toilet brush be the trend in 2023?

Specific details on the reasons behind the popularity of the 2023 “Golf Head Toilet Brush”:

Innovative and Unique Design: Unique and innovative designs often attract people’s attention, and the golf club-inspired design of the toilet brush is considered a fun and unexpected twist on a traditional household item.

Social media and virality: If the Golf Head toilet brush became popular on social media platforms, it could quickly gain attention and followers, increasing its trending status.

Home Decor and Personalization: The trend of personalizing and styling living spaces is on the rise. Unique and stylish items like the Golf Head Toilet Brush can be seen as a way to add personality to the bathroom.

Gag Gifts and Items: The unique design of the Golf Head Toilet Brush can make it a popular choice for gag gifts or humorous gifts, increasing your visibility and popularity.

Consumer desire for innovative experiences: Consumers are often attracted to products that provide new and unique experiences.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which type of toilet brush is best?

The grippy toilet brush with a durable handle and bristles is considered the best toilet brush on the market. OXO Good Grips and LOOEZ Toilet Brush are some examples of this type of brush.

How often should the toilet brush be replaced?

If you notice that your toilet brush bristles are becoming damaged, it’s usually a good time to replace them. It’s a good idea to replace the brushes after a few months or usually twice a year.

Is the wave brush toilet brush worth it?

While touted for its silicone-based feature, the wave brush head toilet brush isn’t all that hyped. As far as we know the performance isn’t that great.

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